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Storytelling Workshops

Stute Theatre is able to offer a variety of theatre and storytelling and training workshops for children, young people and adults.
Existing workshops are below but whatever your requirements, experienced workshop leader Sophia will work with you to create a great participatory experience.


SPOKEN WORD storytelling 

Sophia Hatfield is skilled at creating and facilitating engaging theatre workshops for young adults and can offer high-quality theatre and storytelling workshops for young adults in school and community settings. Whether for budding performers, youth theatres, class groups or young community groups, devising theatre can be a great way to explore difficult subjects, gain confidence and learn to work together as a team. 

Stute Theatre's unique, inventive style incorporates inventive physical theatre, spoken-word, rap and live-looped electronic music, making for an inspiring, inclusive experience for all. This new workshop, developed alongside Stute's latest show 'Common Lore' covers creative ways of telling stories using accessible technology and explores the challenges of life for young people in an increasingly tough modern world. 

Workshop themes can include:
-Creative spoken-word writing
-Theatre devising techniques
-Facilitated discussions
-Live looping and electronic music
-Performance and acting technique


'Story pioneers' Storytelling and literacy

With extensive experience working creatively with young children, Sophia Hatfield can offer a range of creative storytelling workshops for EYFS/Key Stage 1 children in schools and with community theatre groups. ‘Story Pioneers’ is an interactive workshop developed alongside 'Just Soph' to develop creative literacy. Flexible in length and format, it is available in a 20 minute, 45 minute, or longer 90 minute session. 

Storytelling offers an opportunity to develop literacy, confidence in language and empathy.This Stute Theatre workshop allows young participants to engage with storytelling in a playful, physical way, exploring the Just So Stories and creating their own characters and stories using enjoyable, practical drama techniques.

Workshop themes include:
-Language and creative writing
(including rhyming words, alliteration and adjectives)
-Creating characters
-Speaking and listening
-Journeys and travel
-Learning through play
-Physical storytelling
-The use of props, puppets and found objects


'Leaping off the page'
Creative storytelling techniques

Leaping Off the Page is a workshop for teachers, volunteers, workers and parents to develop new storytelling techniques and confidence in bringing stories to life. Created alongside Stute's Theatre's inaugural show 'Just Soph', this flexible workshop allows participants the opportunity to explore a new innovative approach to engaging young children with reading and storytelling.

Whether it’s in the classroom, nursery, at home or at library storytelling sessions, reading and hearing stories forms an integral part of early years and primary education. Storytelling offers an opportunity to develop literacy, confidence in language and empathy. 

This 90 minute workshop introduces the actor’s approach to telling stories creatively, exploring a new imaginative vocabulary to make story time fun, exciting and accessible for all.

Workshop covers:
-Engaging young audiences
-Interactive elements
-Learning through play
-Physical storytelling
-The use of props, puppets and found objects
-Vocal technique